Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lenses are available for almost anyone who needs vision correction. This includes those with astigmatism or who require multi-focal lenses. Contact lenses provide a crisp, unobstructed field of vision. The examination for contact lenses is not the same as the exam for glasses and the two exams are actually quite different.

The Contact Lens Exam

For contact lens wearers, a contact lens fitting consultation is required in addition to a standard eye examination. During the fitting consult, the optometrist will measure the curve of the cornea. If the eyes are not perfectly round, lenses specifically for astigmatism, or Toric lenses, will be prescribed. The size of the pupil or iris will also be measured, and our optometrist may also choose to perform a tear film evaluation to determine if contact lens wear will be comfortable.

Contact lens fitting is essential to determine the correct size of the contact lenses. The required prescription may be different to a prescription for spectacles because a spectacle prescription are measured for optical lenses that are 12mm from the eye, while a contact lens fitting measures for contact lenses that sit directly on the eye. Improperly fitted contact lenses can be detrimental to your eye health.

The optometrist will make suggestions on extended wear or disposable contact lens option, and will prescribe a pair of trial lenses. Instruction on wearing and how to properly care for the new lenses will be provided, and a follow-up exam will be scheduled to ensure all is well with the new lenses, and the eyes have adjusted to contact lens wear.

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