Smart Screen Blue Filter

Smart Screen Blue Filter

In today’s technologically advanced world, it comes as no surprise that we spend most of our days with our eyes glued to screens. Whether it’s your phone, your computer, or your television, there’s no escaping the addicting blue light emitted by these devices. This light tends to cause eye strain, dry eyes, intense fatigue, and even loss of vision.

While it’s impossible to cut out the use of screens from your routine completely, there are several tactics that you can use to counter this issue. Today we’re introducing the smart screen blue light filter and how it can help maintain your eye health in the long run.

So let’s get right into it!

What is the blue light filter?

A blue light filter is responsible for reducing the amount of blue light from screens that are being transmitted to your eyes. Since blue light is known to repress the production of sleep-inducing hormones such as melatonin, reduced exposure to this light can help you improve your quality of sleep while boosting your eye health.

Why do you need a blue light filter?

Prevent macular degeneration

The macula is a central part of your retina that helps you see and process visual information in detail. Research has shown that constant exposure to UV rays or blue light can cause deterioration of your macula. This can lead to blurry vision and even blindness if not treated properly on time. By using blue light filters, you can protect your eyes from such harmful diseases.

Prevent digital eye strain

After spending a long day at work with your eyes focused on your screens, it’s only natural that your eyes feel tired and dry. Blue light lowers contrast if not focused correctly, hence increasing the strain on your eyes. Therefore, filtering out this light is necessary to maintain your eye health.

After eye surgery

Whether you’ve recently had cataracts surgery or LASIK surgery, your optometrist will recommend you to reduce your usage of screens for some time. If there’s some urgent digital work that you need to take care of after your surgery, make sure that you wear protective blue light filter glasses instead of your usual reading glasses to shield your eyes properly.

Using blue light filters

One of the best ways to reduce your exposure to blue light is to turn on the filters on the screens of all your digital devices. You can also buy yourself a pair of computer glasses that can protect you against this light. If you already have weak eyesight, you can consult your eye doctor for prescription computer glasses to optimize your vision.

Worried about your eye health?

If you’ve been spending a lot of time using screens and feel like using blue light filters isn’t going to cut it, you can always drop by your local eye doctor for an eye examination. We recommend Superior Eye Care, the finest providers of eye care services in Houston, The Woodlands, and Spring in Texas. If you reside within these areas, make sure you drop by our clinic for a visit!