Omega Supplements & Dry Eyes

Omega Supplements & Dry Eyes

Have you ever had difficulty opening your eyes after a nap because your eyes have dried up? Have you experienced the burning and itching sensation that comes with spending long hours at your desk with your eyes glued to your computer screen? Or maybe you’ve just been feeling irritation in your eyes, and you can’t see clearly.

If any of these problems resonate with you, you might have dry eye disease. This is a common eye condition in which your tear ducts can’t produce the proper amount of tears needed to lubricate your eye surface, resulting in dryness. Alongside causing you general discomfort, several other complications might arise due to this disease.

Today we’ll be discussing these complications and how the use of Omega supplements can help you say goodbye to dry eyes once and for all.

What are the adverse effects of having dry eyes?

  1. You might have an increased risk of getting eye infections. Tears cast a protective layer over the surface of your eyes, so if you have a weak layer, you might be more prone to inflammation and infection in your eyelids.
  2. You’ll struggle with your routine tasks, such as reading, driving, or watching television.
  3. You can lose your vision. If you don’t treat dry eyes properly on time, it can quickly escalate into inflammation that damages your cornea and causes vision impairment.

What is Omega Fatty Acids?

Having recently gotten much attention from experts in the health and fitness industry, Omega fatty acids are an unsaturated fatty acid that has shown great help in curing digestion, skin-related and eye-related problems. It is found in fatty fish, such as salmon and mackerel, and oils, such as olive oil and sea buckthorn oil.

How can Omega Fatty Acids correct dry eyes?

According to a 2010 study published in The Journal of Nutrition, participants with dry and irritated eyes who consumed Omega supplements for three months reported a drastic improvement in their eye health over the period. This is because Omega fatty acids help improve lubrication in all areas of your body, including in your eyes. It enables the cells in the mucous membranes to retain moisture better so that your tears don’t evaporate immediately.

How can you get Omega Fatty Acid Supplements?

Now that you know how exactly Omega acids can benefit your eye health, you might be wondering how you can increase your intake of this crucial supplement. The answer always lies in improving your diet and nutrition! It’s about high time you add food like avocados, fatty fish, lard, macadamia nuts, butter, and buckthorn berries onto your plate.

Or, if you find it challenging to make changes to your diet easily, you can always take supplement pills instead. Make sure that you consult your nutritionist beforehand since some sources of Omega Fatty Acids may be harmful to your body.

A word from Superior Eye Care

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