Getting an eye exam in Willowbrook, Texas

Getting an eye exam in Willowbrook, Texas

An eye examination is a series of tests conducted by an eye doctor to assess your vision and check if you have any eye-related diseases. These tests can range from vision tests and eye muscle tests to color vision testing and retinal examination. Whether or not you've been experiencing any changes in your vision, you need to get an eye exam every once in a while so that your doctor can give you tips on how to optimize your vision and eye care.

Today we're talking all about eye exams, how often you should have these, which specialist you should go to, and from where you can get your eye exam today if you live in Texas.

When should you have your eyes examined?

Several factors can influence how often you need your eyes to be examined, such as your age, your eye health history, and the current status of your vision.

For children

Children typically should be tested for their eye health first when they are six months old, then when they turn three, and finally before they start school. If their eyesight proves to be normal, they should have checkups every two years until they turn eighteen. However, if they have any eye-related problems, they might need more regular checkups throughout the years.

For adults

Adults as well should get checkups every two years to ensure that their eyes are in good health. If any adult has a history of eye disease, has diabetes, or is on medication, they might need to get more regular eye exams. Senior citizens, however, should get them on an annual basis.

Which doctor should you visit for an eye exam?


Opticians are generally not considered eye doctors since they're only responsible for providing and adjusting your glasses and helping you apply, remove, and look after your contact lenses. They are not qualified to assess your eye health in detail.


These doctors are responsible for diagnosing your vision and eye-related problems. They treat these conditions by prescribing medicines such as eye drops along with glasses, contacts, or vision therapy. They can provide comprehensive eye examinations but may not be qualified enough to perform eye surgeries. For this purpose, they might recommend you to an ophthalmologist. 


These medical doctors specialize in providing eye care. Along with performing most of the activities that optometrists perform, such as diagnosing and treating complicated eye diseases, they can also do eye surgery.

Getting an eye exam in The Woodlands, Texas

If you live in the Willowbrook area in Spring, Texas, you can always drop by Superior Eye Care's clinic to get your eye exam today. We're using state-of-the-art exam technology to evaluate your eye health comprehensively. Our doctors are highly skilled and have over two decades' worth of experience in helping patients improve their eye health. Along with our clinic in Willowbrook, we're also available in The Woodlands, Texas, so make sure you drop by if you reside within these areas!